Dead Ringers_1988_twins April 04

Seeing Double

Are you seeing double? Don’t worry, you’ve not had too much to drink. Actually, it is just a movie staple that has created some impressive performances from actors with enormous range. In order to play the double, you must be able to play different versions of a character without changing your appearance. Much harder than […]

Giving stars the finger March 30

A load of old rank: The star-ratings system explained

Film magazines: Five stars: It’s been a while since anything good or imaginative has come out, so we’re gonna stick our necks on the line and say THIS is a instant classic. We don’t want you to think we’re churlish three-star dullards all the time, so here you go. We’re whipping you into a frenzy […]

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind March 30

The Mother of All Film Lists

Happy Mother’s Day! In honour of the day in which flowers are hastily bought and cards scribbled in I asked the woman who gave me life to list her top five films. Naturally she came back with ten films, and since I first asked three years ago has added an extra film, which I can’t […]

swan March 28

Paul Williams’ Best Musical Moments

We could have been anything that we wanted to be. So Paul Williams became a composer and boy, are we happy that he did. This iconic  man made his name writing for The Carpenters, gaining fame for his pop hits and cool tunes (the smooth DJ voice is utterly implied.) Luckily for film lovers everywhere […]

Attack the Block March 27

Reflections on the riots: When the Block Attacked

March 12, 2011, Joe Cornish’s Attack the Block is released. The gloriously inventive, sharp, action-packed alien invasion movie in which council estate ‘yoof’ were the heroes hit big. People laughed, cheered and the UK had an underdog film to be proud of. Cut to three months later, August 6, as hooded youths (such as the […]

MBDONTH EC043 March 27

Film moments to inspire you

There are times in life when things get bad. And then they get worse. And then they get even more bad. When we get through these times, we can sometimes come out the other side stronger, but it ain’t easy. You might have no reason to go on, but you have to. These are the […]

Andrew Garfield - Red Riding March 27

When Franchises Hog Talent Andrew Garfield

With the seemingly infinite number of franchises bubbling about at the moment more and more actors are being snapped up to appear in an adaptation of a comic book or YA novel. The actors we have grown to love for their intimate roles in independent films are suddenly committing years of their lives by signing […]


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